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Some songs start a few seconds from the beginning, some don't


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Good morning everyone. 

I was just wondering if PA skipping a few seconds prior to the beginning (0:00) of the next song in a playlist WITHOUT skipping the previous was the result of a bug or a toggled feature that causes the problem. I have the song transition duration in mind, but tweaked it several times with no results and the fact that some songs remain unaffected and play from the beginning just fine is just weird. Do bare in mind that I noticed the problem as soon as I made the transition from shuffled queue to playlists.

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The Per-Track Progress memory feature is designed to always start a track wherever it last left off, which in this case is not something you want to happen. It can be enabled or disabled individually for any playlist or folder.

There is also a global variation of this feature by the way, which works in all playback categories, but it is duration-based. You set a threshold of (for example) 15 minutes in Settings=>Library, so it only kicks in for longer tracks such as audiobooks, podcasts, full concerts, etc.


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I might be on a wild goose chase, but while the issue wasn't solved by toggling the Per-Track Progress off, I noticed a change (or so I think) when setting the Pre-Loading Songs without interruption toggle bar to 0. I'll need to gather more data in order to find a correlation and claim that the problem is solved though.

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