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A feature where we can make exceptions for the 'Symbols to split multiple artists/composers/genres' rules

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The specific feature(s) I am talking about can be found at the Settings > Library > Scanner > Other. In a future update (please correct me if it's already available), I hope it will be possible to make exceptions to every one of this rules we have created. In my case, I have a song: "Talkin' 'bout love" by an artist named "Love, Warmth & Affection". The artist name breaks both of the rules I created for separating multiple artists ("," and "&"). Is it possible to make exceptions or is this something I can expect in a future release?



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4 hours ago, andrewilley said:

…neither comma nor ampersand are ideal for artist splitting characters, as there are so many combined band names which contain one or other of them…

I agree with @andrewilley with regards to the separator. These two characters in particular will require you to have more exceptions listed than they will save. The two most common ones are either a semicolon “;” or a single or double back slash “\” “\\” in most players that do support this concept.  You could go one step further and find a Unicode character that you would absolutely not use for anything else. This will save you plenty of headaches later on, as your media library grows. Try characters like “§” “≈” “≠” as a simple solution.

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12 hours ago, andrewilley said:

However if you only have a few, add their full name into the 'Unsplit Artists' list.

Where can I find this unsplit artist list?

Never mind, I've found it. Thanks for the suggestion.

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