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Please forgive me if this" issue" is/has been covered.

A search turned nothing up for me.

I, as all others really like your player, but my question is kind of confusing as most all other apps that I've had that had trial versions would either require for you to remove the trial version after purchasing the 'Pro' version and/or would automatically be removed after reboot.

Well, obviously with that not being the case here, should or could we remove the trial version ?

B.T.W. I bought it through the Market if that is a factor, which I can't imagine it being.


~Droid Really Does~

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Thanks for the question.

You shouldn't remove the Trial version.

Full Version Unlock is sort of key to unlock the full version. It is only ~60kb and it doesn't start new process or take any memory - it integrates as a plugin into PowerAMP.

This is pretty standard way on android (see e.g. Mizxing full version, etc.).

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