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Equalizer changes on Save EQ Apply to songs


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Version: build-933-bundle-play [933004-bd3402a5], Full Version

Device: Galaxy Note 10+ AND Galaxy Z Fold 3

Android Version: 12

I've seen this problem on both devices listed above, and I have seen this problem for several months (maybe it's always been there and I didn't notice?).  I have several saved equalizer presets on my device.  When I am listening to a track and decide I want to use a different pre-existing custom EQ, I enter the EQ settings, choose the EQ I want and when I'm happy that I chose the right one for the sound I hit "Save" and select Apply to songs->Song: <Title>.  When I click the "Save" button at the bottom of the dialog, the EQ I just selected is changed back to the previous default EQ rather than the one I just assigned to the song.  If I skip back to the previous song and then come back to the song I just assigned the EQ, then it selects the newly assigned EQ.  Obviously I can also go into the EQ menu and re-select the EQ I just chose and it works, but I shouldn't have to do this.  It should retain the EQ I selected after the "Save" where I assigned the EQ to the song.


Thanks for maintaining an excellent music player!

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I actually see the reverse problem. If I make an EQ adjustment and then Save it for the current song, the new slider values seem to stick when I change to other songs too; even after I manually revert the sliders back to flat, that saved 'one-song preset' reasserts itself when I moved forward and backward to new tracks.

I was going to suggested checking that you haven't got a similar preset assigned for your current output device, which would get enabled for other songs that have no specific assigned preset of the their own, but in my case I don't haver a preset defined for the internal speaker, only for BT and wired headsets.


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In my case, I have a "default" that I have assigned to Speaker, Wired Headset, Bluetooth, USB DAC, and Other Output Devices.  My "default" works as intended, but for some songs I assign using "Apply to songs:" with various other EQ presets (not my "default") to songs which don't sound the way I'd like with my default.  The text says "Song presets always override any other preset assignments", so once I save the assignment of a preset to a song, I would expect that it sticks right now as well as in the future.  However, it only seems to work for future transitions to that song not the current playback of that song.  It changes back to my default after I hit the "Save" button and only uses the song-specific preset the next time the song is played.

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