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Start music in folder from "Folders list"

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I have all my music stored in different folders. I use the Folders view. There I see all my folders and I can tap one to open and press the play button on top to start playing that folder.

Is it possible to start a folder in the folder list? There is only a play button on top for starting the first folder en then go to the next folder when it's finished.

But I was wondering if you can start playback from a folder without opening the folder. 


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As you say, from the overall Folders view you can use the Play (or Shuffle) buttons at the top to start playback of that whole list, starting from the first item in the list.

Back in Poweramp v2, there used to be an option to start playback of a specific folder (or album, etc) from within the context pop-up menu generated by long-pressing on the folder title. However in v3, for better consistency, you get to that button by the simpler operation of tapping on the folder title and pressing Play. That way you can also opt to start from from a specific song as the full songs list will be displayed. This action only requires two taps, rather than the previous long-press and a tap.

Poweramp's default playing mode is called 'Advance Category', which means that at the end of any given Category (such as a folder in your case) the next one will be played, and so on through your whole music collection - basically you can think of the term 'Advance Category' as meaning 'Play All Categories'. If you don't want that mode, you can tap the Repeat button on the player screen to switch to 'Repeat Off', which you can think of as meaning 'Play Current Category', and playback will stop at the end.



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