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Duplicate Playlists

Sugar Genius

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I recently got a new phone. I copied contents of sdcard on old phone to a new sdcard and put in new phone. I used Samsung Smart Switch to transfer settings/apps to new phone. In my new phone, I have a duplicate playlist for every playlist. One playlist will have m3u in the name and the other will not. The playlist files are not duplicated on the sdcard. Only duplicated in Poweramp library.

All music is stored on sdcard in folder named MUSIC. All playlists are m3u stored in the SDCARD\MUSIC folder

            Back In Black
                AC-DC - Back in Black - 01 - Hells Bells.m4a
                AC-DC - Back in Black - 02 - Shoot To Thrill.m4a
                AC-DC - Back in Black - 03 - What Do You Do For Money Honey.m4a
                AC-DC - Back in Black - 04 - Given The Dog A Bone.m4a
                AC-DC - Back in Black - 05 - Let Me Put My Love Into You.m4a
                AC-DC - Back in Black - 06 - Back In Black.m4a
                AC-DC - Back in Black - 07 - You Shook Me All Night Long.m4a
                AC-DC - Back in Black - 08 - Have A Drink On Me.m4a
                AC-DC - Back in Black - 09 - Shake A Leg.m4a
                AC-DC - Back in Black - 10 - Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution.m4a

I tried Rescan/Resolve Playlists but no effect

At one point, all of the playlists were duplicated under Internal Storage -> Music folder. I deleted those manually from My Files app.





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The .m3u ones are file-based, and will be saved somewhere on your SD Card in your music folders. Maybe you Exported them at some point?

The others are internal lists, stored inside Poweramp, and were probably brought over by the restore software.

I would keep the file-based ones with more songs (although the extras have not been found) as you may be able to match up the missing songs later.


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