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disappointment and confusion about installing V 2

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Since I will initially (as long as possible:-) stay with my BlackBerry Q 10's and Classic's, I'm unfortunately dependent on the V 2 - all later ones do not run on BB OS

right on the homepage the confusion already starts!
(at this point a "greeting" to the web designers - respectively to their superiors!)
You look through everything - search - and actually find NOTHING RELEVANT!
- For what reason?
On: https://powerampapp.com/buy-Poweramp/
- you think you've found the right link.
You know by now that you need the V2.
But: with V2 there is NO active link!
The UNDERLINED statements: V2 and V3 actually suggest a link!
No way!
Also the symbols: "Email" and "Google" = NIX!
So you think:
"then maybe I should choose "Buy Now Directly"?
But! there it says:
"no Google Services required (Poweramp v3)"
V3 - how - in God's name - should I KNOW! that the link to the purchase does NOT only refer to V 3????????
-Although it does NOT say that it ONLY refers to the V 3 - But: (gentlemen programmers!)
- Did anyone EVER use their brains at this point?

How about, for example, the principles that are u.A. relate to creating forms??
◉ conclusive !
◉ logically structured!
◉ chronological
◉ - and above all: COMPLETE!

So: further in consensus:

After I finally found out that this "Buy Directly" does NOT ONLY refer to the V3!
I have bought.
Result: cannot be activated!
Allegedly no email account registered on the device!
Bought a new license - checked ALL settings 100 times - no change!
First account: Gmail
Second account: Yahoo


Here it comes!
◉ All BlackBerry's are identical
◉ same OS
◉ Email accounts correctly registered in the HUB
◉ on ALL is EXACT ! the same! (copied) Google Play V2 version

BUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ONLY ! on the BlackBerry, which also happens to have Play Google installed - can be activated WITHOUT ANY PROBLEMS!

SO! - gentlemen programmers!
THAT explains it to me!

If I install a NON play Google version V 2 - and want to activate it with the activation data from the web purchase,
it must NOT! Doesn't matter if the device has play google installed or NOT!

Btw: the "support"???
- replies in the form of:
One talks about the train station - the other about stealing suitcases!

PS in case someone responsible is reading this:
"Thank you for reading"!!!!!



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I already replied to your direct message about half an hour ago.

Licences purchased for any version of Poweramp from v2 onward are valid for both v2 and v3. See the Restore Purchase FAQ. Website-purchased licences do not need Google Play, and can be used for APK files of Poweramp v2 and v3, but please read the notes in that FAQ regarding requirements for email validation. There is no need to buy a new licence (other than if you want to run PA on more than one device at the same time, as that facility is only available for Play Store purchases, not website purchases).

BB OS 10 (which does have support for Android runtime licences) is end-of life, as is the device itself, so it would not be possible to offer any specific support for it.


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My suspicion was correct.
Although the V 2 player is a non play google version, and the website does NOT say that Google services are required! - MUST run google service!

Poweramp v2 Poweramp Full Version can be used on device with either Google Account, Email Account (Google Pop3/IMAP), or Yahoo Account registered on it.

The V 2 is running - for. on BlackBerry 10 ONLY with Google Service!

After i installed the complete Playstore (cobalt - forum crackberry), i could activate in a second!

So I was forced to install Playstore - including all available files.
Which ones I might not have needed - I don't know.
So I installed everything from "Cobalt" forum Crackberry".
Btw: ONLY the V 2 runs on BlackBerry 10!

The indication, e.g. using a yahoo mail account is also NOT applicable!
I bought more licenses - e.g. also with the mail address: Yahoo!
- doesn't work either!
Apparently no registered mail account was found on the device!

If you have BlackBerry 10 (requires V 2!) - and possibly the same problem with activation (no mail account registered)
There you go: https://cobalt232.github.io/playstore/

His files on MEGA:  https://mega.nz/folder/lIUWjSSQ#yoLoiNX3PNG3Sef1Fa_fMA


I hope, that i could have help other owners of BlackBerry 10.

Every BB user, ho still likes Poweramp app :-) bring money to Poweramp - and happyness to BB owners :-)


Kind Regards


Lothar Peters

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