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Version 2 APK File Rescan Problem

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I have a Kyocera Torque G01, same as Brigadier but uses android 4.4.2 with no new updatw in years, since the current Poweramp requires at least android 5 my only choice was the older version APK. After installing it worked almost perfect but it keeps rescanning on every start,even after disabling auto rescan, I have that set on all 17 phones I own that all have Power Amp with no problems, only rescan is when I manually pick it. Am I missing another setting to stop it in the version 2 ? 

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Once it has properly completed a scan it shouldn't need to again if you turn the auto-scan off. However if your device is for some reason not allowing settings to be saved correctly upon exit, that could mean it has no choice but to scan again.


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