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How does Poweramp determine which image file to use for album art?


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My music collection is stored on an sd card in one folder per album with a number of image files in each folder called albumart.jpg, albumart (1).jpg, albumart (2).jpg, etc. There are no images embedded in the music files. The front cover is always albumart.jpg which is the one I'd like Poweramp to display, however it seems to pick which file to use randomly.

How does Poweramp determine which file to use and is there anything I can do to get it to consistently choose albumart.jpg?

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Embedded images are always preferred, but otherwise the priority order is as follows:

- user selected album art (if exists)
- embed album art (bigger than 100x100, but less than ~8-24mb - depends on available device memory)
- cached downloaded art (if exists)
- folders mode: [album name].jpg ([album name] replaced with the actual album name) (less than 4mb)
- folders mode: folder.jpg/cover.jpg/AlbumArt...Large.jpg (less than 4mb)
- folders mode: any standalone jpg (bigger than 4kb, less than 4mb)
- search & download initiated for image

If none of the folder-based matches are found, and PA falls back on looking for any JPG images that happen to be in the folder, the first file found will be used (no sorting applied, underlying file system order).


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Thank you Andre. Based on that I think Poweramp will be using the following step for my files:


- folders mode: any standalone jpg (bigger than 4kb, less than 4mb)

I think all the files are between 4kb and 4mb (I've checked several and all the ones I've checked are).

Is there anything I can do to influence it which one it chooses within that?

If not, I guess I'll either have to put up with it or choose a different naming scheme for my files. (I'd prefer not to do the latter as another music player I use only picks up files named albumart.jpg and I've come to prefer that name- Ithink it's more descriptive than folder.jpg and cover.jpg).

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There is no particular user-controllable order used when discovering any other JPG files. It will simply be the first file presented to Poweramp when it asks to scans the unsorted directory, which is down to filesystem management to handle.

A couple of solutions come to mind: first, try to make sure each music folder only contains one JPG file, that way there can't be any confusion. Or if for some reason you can't do that, make an extra copy of your albumart.jpg files and name them as either <albumname>.jpg or more generically as cover.jpg. A batch copier/renamer program should be able to do that for you.


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