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"Per Track Progress" Recursively?

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I have "Store Track Progress" enabled, and "Track Duration" set to 10 minutes, so that it covers most of my audiobooks, and affect my regular music files (Settings)

However, some of my audiobooks are split into files that are shorter than 10 minutes, so I have to manually set "Per Track Progress" for each of these folders ("Folders Hierarchy > Folder > List Options > Per Track Progress") 

Is there an option, so if I enable "Per Track Progress" in a folder, it applies it recursively (to every sub-folder within that folder)? If not, can this feature be considered in the future?

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Sorry, that's not currently possible. Setting 'Per Track Progress' or 'List Position' memory for any given folder is not applied recursively to any sub-folders, you need to set each one individually.

It does sound like a good idea as a future option though - so by changing the setting for a top-level 'Podcasts', 'Audiobooks', 'Radio Shows', etc folder you could also apply the same adjustment to all of its sub-folders at the same time. An extra tickbox in the List Memory editing section, saying "Also apply to any subfolders", should do it.


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