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App forgets the list-related setting that I set (screen recording included to reproduce bug)

Niloo T.

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App sometimes tends to forget the list view setting that i set after i clean it from RAM. Steps to reproduce this effect are fully explained in screen recording.
It's not limited to "showing titles only". It sometimes happens to "compact list header" option as well. It's the option right next to it.
Device: Samsung A52s 5g
Android 11 One UI 3.1
version: build-930-bundle-play

Report Update:   This also happens vice versa. if you do it on albums first and then on list, and clear app, next time you get in you'll see albums with second line and list with title only. Whichever you do last, keeps its setting. It seems, app just doesn't accept both pages to follow this setting at the same time.

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