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Hide menu option for list headers (ignore this, i was convinced it isn't useful)

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This option already exists for now-playing page. (Look and feel>player ui>hide menu) . When it's active,  menu can be opened by long tap on album art.

This is a request to have a similar option for list headers (which are also usually album arts). With this, the menu button on it will be hidden and it can be opened by long tap. 

The place for this option in settings can be under: (library>lists)

♤ It'd be great to have this. It would also make app ui more uniform for those who prefer hidden menus.




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Not sure what that would gain you, are you just trying to remove an extraneous button? Why?

It doesn't seem like a bad idea though, it would be consistent with the functionality of the main Player UI. As the Player already has an option to turn the menu icon off (and only use the long-press feature that has been available since PA v3 was released) the same control could also hide this menu button too. It could not be hidden by default though, as new users should be presented with a consistent Android experience.


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