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A seperate line for the album tag within the player

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Hello forum!

I'd kindly ask for a seperate album line on the player screen, perhaps even on the bottom of now playing screen when browsing a library and so on. 

- The current design in one line (artist - album) suggests that the featured artist is also the author of the album which they obviously are not.

- The 3 line design seems to me like a standard

- As phone screens are getting taller, this shouldn't be a problem to fit. Maybe with an option to switch it in the skin settings.

Thank you for considering.


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Using up a third line for those relatively rare occasions where the Track Artist and Album Artist are different seems perhaps a bit overkill - especially for people using smaller screens. Unless your whole music collection is compilation albums anyway.

The current system shows you the Track Title, the Artist who is performing that track, and the Album that it can be found on. In some Categories (or via Settings options) you can display the Album Artist instead of Track Artist if that's what you prefer.

Perhaps it might be more useful to allow more extensive configuration of the two existing lines, so the top line could be set to "Track by Track Artist" and the second line could be "Album Title (Album Artist)", which is something that is already a Feature Request via several threads:


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Thank you for reply.

My main point wasn't to introduce this separation because of tracks with featured artist. The point was just basically to make the player UI look cleaner as now it looks kinda crowded and even without featured artist, long artist / album name makes the line scroll and always move. It just looks kinda quirky from a design perspective.

Of course it would be ideal to have a custom configuration for everyone to play with (a year tag next to an album tag is something I'd probably set), but it just seems to much work for Max to do as most people wouldn't use it. But the simple introduction of a switch for a third line for the default skin seems evident for me.




Basically every phone from last few years has a tall screen and the seekbar is just sooo huge on some screen. That also looks kinda nasty. I think a third line would make the screen look more balanced. As there is already an option for this metadata to move in and out of the albumart, this extra option would be complementary.

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