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Purchase/ album art

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Sorry for the inconvenience, how did you purchase? Through play store or Web site? 

If you purchased through play store, I will recommend using your old e-mail to verify your purchase, if you purchased through the website, same thing applies. 

Licence can not be transferred, it is tried to your Google account you used in purchasing. 

Then for the album art, I believe they were not embedded into the music files, so you have to re-download again. 

I suggest you use an app called AutoTagger to do that on your phone. 

Getting a refund for double purchase, was it done with same e-mail? 

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When you change email, it is assumed that you are a new user, so use the old email so that your purchase can be restored. 

51 minutes ago, Satori childress said:

when I try to download them they don’t come in 

It refuses to download, or it downloads but ask for license verification? 

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52 minutes ago, Satori childress said:

No I change phone and email and I never had that problem before 

You are not being Clare with your explanation. 

If you change phone and use the email address registered with your purchase, you will not have any problem. 

If you changed phone and also charged email address, and that email address has not been used to purchase the license, then what you will have is the trial version, and you can not download the license app, unless you pay for it. 

So which one is it? 


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If you want to use an existing purchased copy of Poweramp, you will need to use the SAME Google account (i.e. same email address) on your new device. This is nothing to do with Poweramp though, it's a Google restriction that applies to any purchased that were made on that account.

You can assign more than one account (if you also want to use a new email) but if you ONLY have a new account on your new device then you won't be able to recover any purchases made on your old account, and will need to buy again. Again, that is as per Google Play Store rules, not Poweramp.

To transfer existing settings between devices, first use PA Settings > Export Settings/Data on your original device and tick all the boxes including Album Art (which can make for quite a large file). Copy the resulting backup file to your new device, and after installing Poweramp use the matching Import Settings/Data feature.

Note: you will also need to grant access permissions to the new music folder location(s) on your new device, using PA Settings > Library > Music Folders.



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