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When pressing the pause button, save track position to play button in playlist

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I have been using Poweramp for a few days now and I absolutely love it.

There's one small thing that I miss...

I have different playlists with long podcasts. I listen to them random and I have selected the following options for each playlist:
- List position
- Per track progress

Here's the thing: when I stop listening I press the pause/stop button in the player. The next day when I want to continue listening to the podcast I ended yesterday I must start de player and press the play button in the mediaplayer. Because I switch a lot in the playlists, I sometimes fortget to press the play in the player. Instead I go to the playlist and press the play button there. Then it doesn't start where it ended yesterday but it starts where I changed from playlists earlier.

I think it would be usefull that the track position is always saved to the playlist play button. Also when you pause the player.



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The 'save list position' feature works like the play-count increment, in that the 'store' event is triggered by the act of moving on to a new song, not merely momentarily pausing within the current song. So to continue playing the current song you need to either tap the Play/Pause button in the player screen, or tap on the same song title within the category list screen.

If you use the Play icon (or Shuffle) at the top of a list, the action applies to the whole list rather than to the currently loaded song. Thus if you have the save feature enabled, it will obey the logic of reverting to the last saved list position. 


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