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EQ reverts to last chosen preset on track change, doens't allow using a temp non-preset


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PA version: I've always auto-updated, this has been happening for a couple of months now. Currently 925
Devices: Samsung Galaxy S10e (64-bit); Galaxy S4 (32-bit)
Android: LineageOS 18.1 (Android 11); LineageOS 17.1 (Android 10)

Steps to reproduce:

1. Select a (pre-defned) preset
2. Change any EQ option (preamp, any band, bass, treble)
3. Play next song (either manually or automatically)

Expected result: changes made in step 2 are still used
Actual result: EQ is reverted to the last chosen preset

This is the same for phone speaker, BT headset, wired headset. I have not assigned any preset to any output, song, etc. (Sidenote: if I had assigned it to e.g. BT, I think auto-selecting preset should only happen on device connect, not on every track change.)

I know there is an 'Auto Save' option, but I don't want my presets altered any time I want a temporary change, but I don't want PA to decide for me that 'temporary' has to mean 'this song and that's it' either.




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Yes, you are correct that PA is designed to work this way.

If you select an EQ Preset and then you make some minor tweaks or adjustments for the current track, those tweaks are only kept for that current track (unless you re-save them) and when you move on to the next track, the EQ settings will revert back to the Preset that you had originally requested.

To avoid this, you need to activate the Auto-Save feature which will store any tweaked settings back into the preset as soon as you make them, so they will be used for subsequent tracks too. If you don't want to change the current Preset, you could create a new temporary one to save the ongoing settings to.

 I agree it's possibly a bit counter-intuitive when you don't consider the purpose of the preset system.


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On 3/2/2022 at 11:32 AM, maxmp said:

I will try to tweak this a bit, so may be preset will be activated when the appropriate event happens (output changed, BT device changed, etc.), not for each track played. Still, per track presets will be activated per track.

Thanks, that behaviour would make more sense!

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