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DVC and Android Auto wireless

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I found, that DVC is impossible to have it ON during wireless streaming to Android Auto. The phone volume output is too high, music is distorted and the output can't be lowered like on BT connections. During a day, I play music on many devices (earphones, speaker, home Hi-Fi setup and car), each of them are capable to handle DVC well, except the car in AA wireless.

I know, that it's impossible to get rid of it, due the way AA wireless is functioning, but I have an idea, how to at least more specify, when the DVC is on and when off. Is there chance, that DVC can be specified to each saved device/profile/output (like in Poweramp Music player, where, at least, you can set DVC to specific output - BT, AUX...)?

This will be much helpful, because when I sit in car, I need to take out my phone from the pocket, open the Poweramp Equalizer, turn off DVC and turn in on when get out.


Thanks in advance for at least a short reply 😃

Edit: BT absolute volume is of course turned off.

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