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Support for separate artist in audio file with multiple artist fields (ID3V2)

Tragic Life

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I have some music files with multiple artists

To divide these music tags, I separated TPE1 (and may other ID3v2 tag) fields to several lines (This could be done with the Dopamine music player I explained below, Windows Explorer or Windows Mp3tag software).

Windows system and (Windows version) Dopamine music player (A great example for full tag field support) could recognize these tags and order artists separately.

While most Android music player could not recognize this type of tag and only shows the first/last artist of the music; Android system file explorer (Android 10) could recognize multiple artists but shows some empty entries somehow.


Now I only found Poweramp could handle multiple artists, but with limitation: The artist tags are joined into one.



I have a music with [Artist 1], [Artist 2], [Artist 3]

Most Android music players recognize this as only [Artist 1] or [Artist 3].

And Poweramp recognizes it as [Artist 1; Artist 2; Artist 3]

This affects music library.


If I have another music with only [Artist 1]

Browsing the Artist section, I will see

Artist 1

Artist 1; Artist 2; Artist 3

These two instead of

Artist 1

Artist 2

Artist 3


I'm not good at explaining and this post is wrote with my phone (apologize for bad formatting), but I wish this feature could be done.

Thank you!

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You need to enable the Artist Splitting feature. It is turned off by default as it could be confusing for people who don't expect it to happen.

Just define what symbol (or symbols) you want PA to use to split up the content of the Artist or Album Artist tags. This which is done in Settings > Library > Scanner, and you can do the same for Genre and Composer if you want.

You may want to use my suggested set of symbols in the above FAQ, or create your own. I would suggest not using comma for Artists though, as it would mess up a number of composite band names like "Crosby, Stills & Nash" or "Earth, Wind and Fire". You can create overrides for any specific artist names if you want though - such as always treating "AC/DC" as one entity even if you have set "/" as a splitter character. Comma is usually fine for Genres though, but "/" would mess up "Rock/Pop" if you wanted to retain that as one item. Once you've edited them to your preference, do a FULL Rescan to update the database.


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