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Pausing a track instantly

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I have purchased the Poweramp pro app and I am using it to play audio for language learning, however the pause function is delayed and does not pause instantly....and ends up giving away the answer. Please can someone advise which settings need adjusting to make the pause function instant. I have altered the fade settings but to no avail. Thanks

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Thank you, I have version 925 but I don't have an option to update at the moment, I had already adjusted the suggestions above by Bencherished but still the pause does not stop as soon as it is pressed, have attached a screenshot. Thanks


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Using Bluetooth will introduce its own latency too, direct wired connections may respond faster. But sounds like you've got it working as well as you need. You can check the current latency by long-pressing on the metadata line at the bottom of the player screen by the way, or via Settings > Audio > Audio Info.

Having the buffer so low could result in occasional glitching if the storage speed isn't what PA is asking for, so if that happens try experimenting to get the best compromise values.


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