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Question: pressed reset...how to i get the original setting back

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played around with the app then pressed the "reset" button and it set the things to 0.0
how to i get the things back to the original frequencies? (sorry ifs its not called frequency but im new to the equaliser stuff)

asking cuz redownloading the app does not get the sliders back to original place

thx for any help in advance


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Reverting any adjustments in the currently loaded preset back to flat (0) is what the Reset button is for. There is a warning prompt before it performs the action though as it is not reversible, which presumably you confirmed? It only affects the current values.

If you want to go back to the original default configurations for ALL of the predefined system Presets, you can long-press on the Reset button which will re-load the predefined curves - but without affecting any user-created ones. Again, there will be a prompt to confirm this before performing the action.


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