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Playlist sort "by date added/modified" not working


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Just as the title says, abruptly this sort has recently started doing absolutely nothing in terms of sorting, for some reason, and had only kept the sort in the order of that from when it was last working. I exported my data then imported it again, but it seems not to have done anything to help it. Any help would be appreciated.


Poweramp build number: build-925-bundle-play (952004-e493ac43) Full Version 64 bit

my device model: samsung galaxy S10+

my Android version: 11

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I too am experiencing this same problem. 

It also happened for me a few versions ago and then started working again but then stopped again during this latest update so the only thing I can think is that it's a bug and hopefully they'll fix it again soon in another patch? 

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Seems to work for me, it sorts the playlist according to the Android filesystem's last-modified time/date stamp for each audio file. To sort by the date the song was first added to PA's music library, use 'By Date Added to Library'.

What are you seeing when you try?


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