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Question on Luminous (by Mixified Pixel) skin

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4 hours ago, Ahmad Almuhajir said:

does anyone know which setting to customize the title / artist background ? I want to make it more square and less transparent


Go to your skin settings >Other & adjust Track title corner radius and opacity for your selected layout

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On 2/2/2022 at 9:22 PM, maxmp said:

@Utsav Legacy mode - direct file access. Poweramp uses this by default for Androids 5-9. This one is fast and allows access to any folder user chooses.

Default mode on Androids 10-12 is Storage Access Framework (SAF) - actively pushed by Google. Much slower (10-100x, though Poweramp optimizes scan so it's comparable vs Legacy mode), doesn't allow access to storage root, /Downloads, /Android. User is forced to add separate folders in Poweramp Music Folders selection dialog.

Google threatens to remove legacy mode almost in each Android version starting from 10, but to the date (Android 12L) it's not removed (for Poweramp) and works almost fine (Samsung ROMs may silently remove file access permission on ROM updates).

Generally all apps must use SAF on Android 10+. Old not updated apps may continue to use direct file access. There is also "dangerous" All Files Access permission Google may grant to selected apps (this is almost the same as Legacy file access).


On 2/2/2022 at 9:44 PM, Utsav said:

@maxmp i am using a Samsung device with Android 11 on it...

will it cause any kinds of problems if i was to use legacy mode permanently ?

and i also want to know which search mode does other music players like playerpro uses because i use playerpro in the same device sometimes and while I have to at least wait for a minute for Poweramp to show the newly added song, playerpro does it as soon as the song is added without any delay..playerpro searches instantaneously but Poweramp takes some time to search but Poweramp is a better application than playerpro but this is the only criteria where I think Poweramp is still behind

(i won't receive any further android updates from samsung)


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