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Todd Walker

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I suggested a while ago that the two 'Rated' Categories would work very nicely with a simple slider in List Options to govern what is displayed.

Personally, I'd actually suggest getting rid of the 'Low Rated' category completely, and just have one 'Ratings' category which features a double-ended slider to set the low and high threshold values between 0 and 5. So you could set 0-0 if you only wanted to show unrated songs, or 5-5 to only see top rated items, or any variations in between.

Then to achieve what you are asking you'd just set the slider accordingly, Select All, and Add to Playlist. That's if you even wanted to create a playlist; that sort of Ratings Category could pretty much do the job on its own. 


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9 minutes ago, Todd Walker said:

 Any way aside from this reply I can +1 your suggestion?

You just did. :)

It would probably be a really trivial change coding-wide too - those threshold values must already exist internally in order to generate the current lists, so they'd just need exposing to allow the user to adjust them.


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