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Audio paused for a phone call and now my DAC wont work with android phone. PLEASE HELP?

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Got a call while playing music through Poweramp with a Tempotec Sonata HD Pro DAC attached to my Android phone(type c port). The music paused as it normally does when i answered the call but when i got off the call my DAC would no longer work with my phone, be it in Poweramp, Youtube, or anything that plays audio. Within Poweramp I recently disabled the "pause in call" setting after this event occured which didnt change anything. I tried enabling "Force Speaker Off" which didnt work either. I disabled ducking as well.

After exploring my developer options i found that, without me enabling it myself, "Disable USB Audio Routing" had been enabled on its own. I disabled it, and it worked for a couple minutes. Attempting to verify the fix was bulletproof/absolute i unplugged the DAC from my phone and reinserted it at which point again it stopped being able to play. "Disable USB Audio Routing" did not re-enable by itself again and remains disabled yet i still cant get the DAC to work with the entirety of my phone. I tested the DAC on another phone and it works fine. I have a second DAC that also works on the other phone with no issue, but not the one im having issues with.

I cleared the cache of various apps such as Poweramp, the system app "usbsettings", and even cleared the data of the system app "usbsettings" after seeing a post by someone on a different site with a semi-similar issue saying that it might work but that didn't work for me. Audio only plays through speakers and the 3.5mm port. Please help me!!! Does anyone know what i can do to fix this? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. 

PS. I've had this issue in the past( as in the DAC not being playable after a phone call) but it was usually immediately fixed by plugging my phone into a charger or restarting the phone but now neither of those seem to be working as a current solution. 
Edit: Phone is a Galaxy S9+ if that matters any

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