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All my thumbs up or down ratings are messed up.

Aaron Caldwell

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Songs you have never rated should not be showing with a thumbs up or down, sounds like there must be some sort of corruption of the music database.

Uninstalling and reinstalling (or clear app data) will lose any internally created playlists, ratings, and potentially any downloaded artwork. You can use the Backup feature to copy all those first though, and then choose which elements to Restore later. Of course restoring your saved ratings might just put back the erroneous entries again.


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Likes (which are just a short-form of proper 0-5 Ratings) are saved in the music library database. If the music files for any reason change (e.g. if Android creates a new root folder setup, so the songs are considered 'new') ratings for the old songs can be lost.

You can backup ratings via Settings > Export Settings/Data.


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