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Not able to get new music


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Poweramp does not download any music, it is a local file player and requires your music files to already be present on the device you are currently using for listening.

If you have updated your device, go to PA Settings > Library > Music Folders and ensure that PA has been granted access to the storage folder(s) which contain your music, and make sure that those folders are ticked in the list. You may need to do a Full Rescan (in PA Settings > Library) although usually that happens automatically when you change any folder locations.

What you say "it's nothing like the old app", what do you mean? Different to the six-year-old Poweramp v2 perhaps - which is rather to be expected? What device, Android version, PA version, etc are you using?


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PA does not have a "UI 4 upgrade" so still not really sure what you are asking.

Where are you downloading music to? And what version of Android, as on the most recent Android 12 releases, Google has stated that the system's 'Download' folder is not meant to be accessed directly by apps such as music players. If you can still use File Access Legacy Mode in PA Settings > Misc you might be able to get around that. But much better to put your music into music locations rather than a transient utility folder like Download.


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17 minutes ago, Word said:

Whenever I download music from an outside source.  My usually would fall into recently added category in PA . Now it doesn't.  I can't anything new to come to PA.

You still have not mentioned what folder you are downloading this music to, or what the source is.

If it is to your download folder, you will need to move it to your Music folder for most players to have access. This is an Android security “improvement” since about A10.

if you are using Amazon music or similar as your source, check with that service about this. They are using some encrypted files now if you do not have an open download account and are only getting music to play within their app.

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