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Constant Gain Spikes When Playing Music on Android 12


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My phone updated to Android 12 yesterday, and ever since then I am having constant gain spikes and distorted audio. When I open Spotify and play a song it sounds distorted, and when I skip to the next song I get a loud distorted spike and then it seems to go back to my normal EQ settings. I have this problem with my bluetooth headphones (it blew my ears out), speakers, and my normal phone speaker. I've never had this problem before, and I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, messed around with the EQ settings but it keeps happening. Is this an Android 12 bug? Is there a way to fix it?

I have a Samsung Galaxy s20 Ultra.

Build 899-908

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It seems to be a problem with DVC I turned it off and the gain spikes went away. I have absolute volume disabled. Before updating to Android 12, I never had a problem with DVC and it was always enabled. I'm not sure what happened. I do prefer DVC because it make my sound quality better.

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Wanted give an update. I think the problem may be with LDAC? I have LDAC headphones with high resolution. I connected some older headphones that don't have LDAC/high resolution and they didn't have distortion. When I disconnect my LDAC headphones the output doesn't go back down to the regular 44.1khz which I think is causing distortion to my phone speaker.

EDIT its still distorting without ldac. :(

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