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"Symbols to Split Multiple Artists" strips white space

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The setting "Symbols to Split Multiple Artists" in Library/Scanner allows adding strings to split the artist tag with. Any inserted string is silently stripped of leading and trailing white space characters. This prevents using splitters that rely on leading or trailing white space, e. g. " x " to split "Axwell x Ingosso" into "Axwell" and "Ingosso". All I get is "A", "well" and "Ingosso". I am aware that I can add specific exceptions, but there are too many in my library to do this reasonably. The setting should respect entered white space instead.

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This will be because internally, the separators were originally entered as a one long string, with spaces used between each item - for example my own " feat.  ft.  w/  ;  //  /  \\ ". They can still be entered that way in fact, you don't have to Add them one-by-one - as a shortcut, just type the whole lot with spaces between each one. Displaying each item individually in its own little bubble afterwards is a new thing that was only recently introduced.

Perhaps Max could implement a way to allow hard-coded spaces within the string too - maybe represented using ASCII percent-encoding as "%32" in the same way that web URLs work, or %space%?


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