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Noise via different outputs using DAC and how to fix.


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Well, what to say. I registered to get some help, ended up fixing my issue while writing and fiddling with app. Turns out I need more time to figure things, so Ill just share my experience, maybe it will be helpful to someone.

Btw, long time happy PA user on multiple previous devices.

What was my issue?

I heard strong noise via all outputs (OpenSL, Hi-Res, AAudio) with exception of the AudioTrack out.

On top of that, I was stuck on 16bit/48kHz via every out except AudioTrack where I could get max 24bit/48kHz after enabling Float32.

DVC on/off no difference to noise.

Samsung enhancements on/off no difference (i keep them all off anyway).

When using different player, absolutely no issue with noise.

Setup: Galaxy A52s > e1da portable dac > iem hp

What has fixed it?

I went to Hi-res again, under USB Dac changed the Sample rate to 192kHz. This has automatically changed the Sample format to 24bit. All noise disappeared. Audio nice again = me happy again!


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