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What skins do people use.

Mark Lee

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@laxivey645 This thread was asking about what skins people use, which seems a valid enough question to me. And it's also valid to respond and discuss posts within it - just like yours, in fact.

As far as YAPS goes, the developer is perfectly within his rights to discuss his skin here. My own feeling on YAPS is that it is a bit of a "Swiss Army Knife" of skins - perhaps not as pretty or polished out of the box as some, but by far and away the most configurable toolbox of any skin out there if you want to put some work into tweaking your own design.

Sorry you are "highly disturbed" though. Do you have anything to contribute about skins that you like?


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1 hour ago, eddie_the_man said:

I still couldn't find a good skin besides the built-in ones. I tried Aurora (way to many options) .. some doesn't have options at all.. 

Which skin has no options? I have used almost every V3 skin that was published since launch. The ones I use the most are Luminous, Melodi, and Yaps. Many of the earlier ones are no longer in development and may no longer be fully compatible with the new and updated Poweramp features.

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I'm very fond of Liv Dark and I've customized it so it has a semi transparent "background". So it's my phones wallpaper of choice shining through.

Before I almost exclusively used the Retro Black skin. Too bad it no longer is optimized for later versions of Poweramp Player.



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