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Added power amp function


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1. Request to add a playlist a-z slide bar

2. Added option to delete files only from playlists after searching for files in specific playlists

3. Change the playlist's default sorting method (If you change the order from a to z, the sort method is automatically applied even if you add files later)

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1. Playlist contents can be in any order you wish, not just alphabetic, so an A-Z slider bar is not possible.

2. You can remove files from playlists by long-pressing on the song name(s) and tapping Delete. Tap 'Delete' to just remove the song(s) from that list, or 'Delete Files' to also physically erase the file from storage too.

3. You can re-order the contents of playlists by tapping menu > Re-sort, or drag songs up and down the list to fine tune them. This is a permanent one-shot process that is written back to the .M3U file though, you can't simply undo it later, only re-sort it again. Playlists then play back in the defined song order contained in the list - that's rather the point of creating them (unless you enable Shuffled playback, of course).


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