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I can't see the art for individual songs in my album

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My download of the Dead Cells soundtrack directly from steam comes with embedded album art, and an old version of the soundtrack showed the album art just fine, but when i updated to their newer higher quality version, the album art was gone in Poweramp.. Yet the art shows fine in my filebrowser, and even in the VLC app?

This is also the only affected album I have with this issue, so it might be something specific to this album? 

So far i've tried deleting cache, deleting the album and reimporting, doing a full rescan, I feel a bit out of options.

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The file itself seems fine, so I'm guessing either you have something set in Settings > Album Art (such as Prefer Downloaded Art), or PA thinks you have manually selected an image which has then been re-applied to this new version of the same track (assuming the Title/Artist/Album tag data is identical between the old and new versions).

As a Full Rescan hasn't resolved this, have a look in the Android/data/com.maxmpz.audioplayer/files/ subfolder named selected_aa and see if there is any artwork named for that particular Artist-Album or Artist-Track in there. If so, delete the old file(s) and restart Poweramp. That's a bit less drastic than deleting all album artwork. You can also check the album_art subfolder in the same location, but that's for auto-downloaded images so it shouldn't be overriding any embedded artwork. Also work checking that there isn't an old image file in the actual music folder where the songs are located too - although again, embedded art should override that.

For more info on these cache subfolders, and root naming variations for older versions of Android, see: 



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