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Settings knowledge??

Curt Miller

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To start I am not an audiophile so I have limited knowledge on terms and sources within this app.  My issue is I have made all settings to where I feel I have reached my preferred listening atmosphere and enjoy it immensely, the problem arises when there is a maximum volume level reached within the recording ( say when there are minimal instruments playing then all of a sudden everybody joins in) some of the recording seems to get minimized greater than I believe it was intended to happen.  Let's say the brass in the recording are plugging along and then all of a sudden the drums, guitar, bass and vocals jump in and instead of the horns remaining at the level they were at previously they wander off into the background and it is very distinct and obvious.  This scenario occurs on many occasions in a multitude of differing music genres...when the music gets intense some phases of it get reduced and I can't imagine that's the way the original recorder intended it.  I'm guessing I may have some setting maladjusted or something and I can't figure which one.  If I have you confused I'm sorry, I'm trying but this app is incredible and I want to get the full benefit of it.  I use this app for bluetooth in my car and for transferring bluetooth to home AVR, very rarely for headphones.  Thank you for any help you could offer.

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Sounds like you may have the preamp or equalizer settings up too high, and the limiter on. So during quiet passages this is essentially boosting as desired. However during louder passages, the limiter pulls back on the output to ensure it doesn’t overdrive the output. This results in sounding like you describe. Try dialling back the preamp or EQ levels (I.e. set to flat) and see if you have the same issue.

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