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Bars behind previous/play/next button

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These bars passing behind the playback controls are a rough simulation of the amplitude of the waveform of the song you happen to be listening to.

If you set the Seekbar Style to Static Seekbar you can see the zoomed out version of the waveform that normally passes by in real-time with the default setting.

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The bars behind the buttons are actually a music scrolling control. If you drag that area you can move forward or backward through the current track by small amount - or by large amounts, depending on how far you drag your finger horizontally.

As has been said, if you wish you can change the dynamic seekbar to a static (i.e. full-song-width) mode - so there's no scrolling with the song during playback, and it acts more like a regular flat-line seekbar. Or you can just turn it off completely and have just a flat line seekbar if you prefer. PA Settings > Look and Feel > Skin > Seekbar Style. Some third-party skins support both options at the same time by the way, so you get the best of both worlds (not available in the default skins though).


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