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Stuttering in the sound when raising the volume

Turgay Uzala

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First, I assume you are talking about the main Poweramp app, not the stand-alone Equaliser app?

What device, Poweramp version and Android version, and what output method are you using? And are you listening on speaker, wired headset, bluetooth, USB DAC, etc?

When you say there is "stuttering" when raising the volume, do you mean the volume jumps up/down irregularly, or that the playback briefly glitches?

You could try increasing the buffer size for your chosen output method, or try a different output method (e.g. AudioTrack or AAudio, instead of OpenSL ES, in the PA Settings > Audio > Output screen) and also disabling DVC (Direct Volume Control) to see if that helps. If you have increased the Volume Levels stepping in PA Settings > Audio > Advanced Tweaks, try setting it back to default. 


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