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Poweramp can't access downloads


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Recently after installing Android 12 to my galaxy note 10 I tried wanted to play some songs only to find that all of them were gone. When I tried to look through the music PA could access all of the folders except downloads. I have now resorted to creating an entirely new folder and transferring all of my songs to that exact folder. Everytime I download a new song I have to go my files and transfer it to my new folder unlike before were it would automatically be found on the app. Any suggestions?

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@MBL-z- Google blocks this folder as well as root of the storage from the selection. Still, the Legacy file access option in Poweramp allows full access to folders so you can try that, the support for this mode improved in the build-922. Ensure you (re) selected the folders as required after enabling or disabling this option.

Alternatively, sub-folder can be created in Downloads and that can be selected in Poweramp without the legacy mode.


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To be honest, a Downloads folder ought to be a transient location anyway, from which you move content to other more relevant folders. If Legacy Mode does not work for you (Google said it wouldn't work from Android 12, but they appear to have back-tracked on that) try using something like FolderSync which can move new files (by schedule and with filters) from one location to another.


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