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Separate sort by artist/album and artist/title

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Currently, the sort by artist option sorts by artist > album > title.  I would like options to choose between artist > title and artist > album > track #.  I think both are better than trying to lump them into one option, as I imagine people who like sorting by artist > album also prefer track numbers, whereas people who like sorting by artist > title want to prioritize individual tracks.

Perhaps all 3 could be made available as options, if you so choose.

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While that sounds awesome, I imagine that will take a bit longer to implement than what I'm asking for, which I think would be a good interim solution, as there are a lot of options already.  Additionally, I think it should still be one of the default options alongside a custom setup, since it's a pretty common distinction to make.

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That would be up to Max. Personally, I've always felt a fully customisable system is a better long-term solution rather than spending time adding various ad hoc add-ons upon existing modes, especially as there are quite a few previous requests for other category sorting modes already (e.g. Artists albums to be sorted by Year first, and then by Title - or for Year sorting to include yyyy-mm-dd tags when present).


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