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Album, Artist, Song details not showing on car display


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I have Poweramp Version "build-911-arm64-play" and Poweramp Full Version Unlocker "build-302" on my Samsung Galaxy A20 phone. 

The Album, Artist, Song and Album Art all display fine on my phone. 

When playing these MP3 files through the Bluetooth connection in my car, the display only shows "Unknown Artist" and "Unknown Album".  Is there a setting within the App that has to be changed for the Artist/Album/Song Title to be displayed? 

My wife's iPhone works as expected on my car display.

My car is a 2012 BMW 535i and I checked all settings that could possibly cause this problem and everything looked OK.



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Sorry, forgot to include that.  Android Version 11, Kernel Version 4.4.177. 

I will check the settings that you mentioned.  Also, Poweramp works perfectly in my wife's 2013 Highlander.

I don't think my car's electronics supports Android Auto.  Due to the age of my car, I believe that I am stuck in 2G land with no updates offered by BMW.

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