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I would like to see the equalizer spectrum also on the player screen

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You can change opacity of visualizer overlay to 0%. Only downside (or upside?) is swiping on this region left/right will change the chosen visualizer. It will return to 100% opacity when pressing visualizer button and cycling through its modes, and return to 0% after the chosen timeout.

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@flyingdutchman Yes, I know it. I'm talking about set presets on YAPS, to set for example the original YAPS skin, an minimalist skin and others, like deep black skin (like Poweramp default). 
I hope to make myself understood. I'm not talking about mixing skins, I'm talking about YAPS being able to make quick changes of skins that are preselected

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Default skin settings (indeed default app settings) are generally as the author intended the app to be used - but really as a starting place, especially for more powerful apps. It's then up to the user to play around with the settings to make it 'their own'. But if you want special one-off features of your own, you must expect them to be embedded within other special features for other users.

And YAPS already does pretty much what you want, although it is superimposed over the top of rather than underneath the buttons (and given that it is a visual thing, which you would want to look at rather than interact with, that makes sense):


But you need to accept that with a lot of power and flexibility there naturally come a lot of options - and it's up to you to tweak them to your preferences, the author just provides the controls.


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@andrewilley, @flyingdutchman

I understand and you are right. I just ask for the possibility of doing it a little faster. Because the truth is my first time using skins and it has a lot of settings and I can't even change the background color, because I couldn't find the option (in the free version)

And it is that under the play / stop controls it looks good, but it looks something strange. I don't know, I don't enjoy it. I would like in the seekbar, because it looks cleaner, or I don't know if it is possible to put it somewhere else to see if it looks better.

I tried to use the visualizations, but I don't like it, it looks out of date and although I managed to put it in the background, with the transparency at 0%, I don't quite like it

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