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Go to Album/Artist from Recently Added playlist (and elsewhere)


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The only way (that I know of) to go to the album/artist is to do so from the menu on the Now Playing screen. Often I wish to play the latest album I have added to my library and I do so via the Recently Added playlist. I currently have first to press on a song to begin playing the song to be taken to the Now Playing screen, from which I can press the menu and select Album. I would like there to be a way to long-press on any song on any playlist and enter that menu (so I can quickly arrive at the Album/Artist page). Is there currently a way that I can do this in Poweramp?


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If you start playback from the 'Recently Added Songs' category, then tapping the album art will return you to that same list. as that is considered the current playback mode.

You could go into the 'Albums' category and use List Options to order it by 'Date Added to Library' - which technically uses the date that one of the contained songs was added, but usually that would be the same thing. Then you could commence playback from that Category instead of using the Recently Added Songs list - even using the Play icon at the top of the list if you simply want to start playing the most recent item. Then tapping the album art in the player screen would take you back to the current album. Otherwise it's going to be a two-tap process if you started playing from any of the songs-only lists.


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