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Compressor settings

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Good evening!

Can you please tell me if there is a possibility of adjusting the parameters of the compressor, in the equalizer Poweramp, for such effects of its work as the indicators of attack and release. (Highlighted in examples)


-8.2 dB 1.8: 1 {0.002 ms} 38 ms


0 dB 1.9: 1 1 ms {0.001 ms}

It would also be nice to have a few built-in sessions, the effect is amazing, but it takes hours of reading and experimenting to figure out the intricacies of the settings. Thanks to.



Добрый вечер!

Подскажите, пожалуйста, есть ли возможности настройки параметров работы компрессора, в эквалайзере Poweramp, для таких эффектов его работы, как показатели атаки и восстановления. (Выделил в примерах)


-8,2 дБ 1,8:1 {0,002 мс} 38 мс


0 дБ 1,9:1 1 мс {0,001 мс}

Также было бы не плохо иметь несколько встроенных  присестов, эффект от него потрясающий, но чтобы разобраться в тонкостях настроек уходит много часов чтения и экспериментов . Благодарю.

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All these parameters are available directly on the compressor page, though attack lower limit is 1ms (on standard 48khz, one sample is played each 1/48000=~0.02ms, so 0.002 is basically ==0 anyway), few additional options are available in Settings / Equalizer / Compressor.

Thanks for the request on presets.


Все эти параметры доступны непосредственно на странице компрессора, хотя нижний предел атаки составляет 1 мс (на стандартных 48 кГц один сэмпл воспроизводится каждые 1/48000 = ~ 0,02 мс, поэтому 0,002 в любом случае == 0), доступно несколько дополнительных опций в Настройки/Эквалайзер/Компрессор.

Спасибо за запрос на пресеты.

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To clarify, at the moment the main Poweramp music player app (referenced in this thread) has Reverb controls, while the stand-alone Equaliser app has Compressor options. At some point in the future these features should be ported across so the main player app will support Compressor operations too.

I agree that it would be nice if saved Presets could include the second/third pages of options too (Reverb, Balance, Stereo Expand, Compressor, etc) but that would need to be as a tickable option during the Save process as not everyone will want the extra controls included with their EQ adjustments.


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