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Scrobbling issue on PA918


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Poweramp has flawlessly scrobbled through my Simple Last.fm App for years now, on various Nexus and Pixel devices I owned, but has somehow ceased a month ago.
Simple Scrobbler hasn't been updated since 2019, and last Android patch on my device was 5 dec 2021.
Scrobbling went fine for another solid 10 days since the latter.

The scrobbler app has a "scrobbles cache" in which you can see every item as received from the music app: my cache is empty as of 14 dec 2021.
Luckily when I inspected for the issue, my cache had a single unscrobbled song left, so I could try a manual scrobbling which went fine on both Last.fm and Libre.fm.

build-918-bundle-play [918004-d3232d2] Full 64 bit
on Google Pixel 3a running Android 12 stock (SQ1A.211205.008)

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just wanted to bump/comment that I just realized seeing same behaviour here since start of New Year 01/01/22. No scrobbles being cached in the "Simple Scrobbler" app. Pixel 4a/upgraded to Android 12 stock a day or so into the new year also. Poweramp build-921-bundle-play

It's weird actually not totally zero tho, somehow I was able to test play a few songs and it logged them but I can't figure out how I did it or what was different.

Thing is the app is enabled/detected (as it has been for years) because it is logging 'Now playing' notifications but not scrobble/plays.

I notice there is a setting in Poweramp that I never remembering enabling or if it was there before at all "Scrobble via Simple Last.fm".  I never had this turned on and things were fine. Is it required now? I have enabled it but not seeing results I don't think.  Very strange/my guess is something to do with Android 12 or something silly with the new year.

Cheers on any ideas


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On 1/28/2022 at 10:15 PM, rob_nosfe said:

Everything back to normal since 5 minutes ago, here.

Both PA and Simple Scrobbler got an update, so I can't say what happened.

Got excited, though it's weird I see no Simple Scrobbler updates (that's impossible? it's definitely not being maintained).  Unfortunately PA update did not improve situation.

I see on the Simple Scrobbler deprecation notice(there is something official on github) there is a recommended open alternative: 

Pano Scrobbler https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.arn.scrobble  However -- there is a weird blocking requirement to have an Last.FM account to set it up (tho it supposedly works after with LibreFM etc) because it's heavily built around Last.FM things, so if you use Last.FM that's probably a good bet, but out of luck otherwise still.


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