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Dlna/Upnp Support

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Stream to UPNP/DLNA devices is something requested every now and then in the forum and I start to believe that it will not happen. And I do understand the developer very well as my experience with UPNP renderers is that they are a bit fiddly what it comes to following the standards, so it would require quite a bit of work to get a stable stack in place unless there is a good supported library out there that could handle this.

I was one of the guys holding my breath hoping for UPNP support as I had several UPNP renderers and I must say that luckily I gave up on those and went for Chromecast Audio and have never looked back since.

What most people miss is that the CCA has optical out, so you can plug it into a optical in port on your receiver and the stream will be digital all the way to your receiver. The bad thing is that the CCA's are a bit hard to find as they are no longer sold, but you can find them second hand... other option is to get a Chromecast and put an HDMI->Toslink adapter on it.

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This is a feature that is on the long-term plan, but I suspect it will involve a lot more time and work than something so "simple" really ought to. And it's a case of prioritising spending months on one specific feature versus everything else people are asking for, and ongoing bug fixes.

The problem is the number of different permutations out there in the wild: speaker systems, TVs, amps, android devices (phones, tablets, DAPs, etc), network configurations, etc. And they all need to talk to each other seamlessly. While they may all technically state that they conform to the same standards, you can guarantee there are will be a huge amount of variations in the actual implementations. And all these companies have large teams of developers of software engineers constantly tweaking and modifying stuff, whereas Max is one person.

You only need to look at the amount of threads about issues with Android Auto <insert-random-Chinese-make-here> car radio head units, or Bluetooth headsets/speakers, or Chromecast implementations on amplifiers or TVs, or high-res USB-DACs, to see what a minefield this area has become. And you just know that if such a feature is added which turns out to not work on some obscure five-year-old non-standard device, it will all be Poweramp's fault.

All the above notwithstanding though, I too would love to see these sort of additions to Poweramp's repertoire. It would be great to be able to listen to PA on our Sonos speaker, or more directly and reliably on my networked audio amp without involving the vagaries of Bluetooth or Chromecast.


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1 hour ago, andrewilley said:

In the modern era of phones with multi-GB memories, is an extra 10MB really that much of an issue any more? Or for smaller/older devices, could extra output methods perhaps be included as optional plugins, only loaded if the user wants them?


You have the reason 

Now it's normal +128 Gb internal storage, and normally if anyone want Hi-Res I think he have 8xx Snapdragon 


And are so good idea add optional plug-ins for specific user 

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One thing I still have some hope to see on Poweramp is it being able to play songs from a remote location, like from an SMB or FTP server for example.

There is an old app that can mount an SMB directory as a local folder on Android, making it accessible for some other apps, but it never got a release if i remember correctly, it was on some kind of beta but was discontinued, so it was already kinda flimsy and it's even more now, it works with Poweramp, but Poweramp can't read the tags nor the album art, and the duration of the songs sometimes doesn't show, but it kinda works still.

This and an old folder view from a very old V3 build, 815 I think? That pretty much only showed up there, it never appeared before and never appeared again, but it looked really cool. But that is going off topic though.

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I do have some local file servers for my own use since I'm always transferring stuff between my PC and phone for any reason, and it is more reliable and faster than using a cable (ever since android ditched the mass storage USB mount option, using cable is paradoxically not an option here, already lost data more than once trusting these new mounting options), and most of the apps I use can connect to them and run files just fine, but for audio nothing matches Poweramp, so I keep cycling what I carry with me every once in a while... I had to start using hybrid wavpack because storage space is always short, oof

But yeah more than Poweramp sending audio to other devices, what I always wanted to see is Poweramp being able to play audio from remote sources with its own implementation of something (and that time limited library view from build 815 or something). I wouldn't even mind migrating my servers to another protocol or just creating a dedicated one for it.

Anyway I think I still have that app somewhere, haven't used it in a while because it's really squishy but I might be able to share if allowed. We are on Android, google can't just block some feature because we can just add it back again, lol


Edit: you can find it here on F-Droid, it was apparently straight from Google itself and open source. But again it just haphazardly works on Poweramp, so don't expect the best experience, lol

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Found the app mentioned, added it on the post
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