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Make the app unlocker bought to be accesible across other phone models(Huawei)


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Hi I recently bought a Huawei phone and due to the geopolitical tassel Google services aren't accessible to them, my issue is, I bought the app unlocker on my older phone which now can't use the app cause yll limited the service to Google play store which is inconvenient. Your response to my inquiry were really unhelpful (telling me to buy it again) smh as a company you need to do better, MAKE THE PRODUCT CROSS PLATFORM ACCESSIBLE NOT TRYING TO MAKE $$ FROM ISSUES BEYOND USERS CONTROL. 

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First, the issue was caused by your now using a non-Google phone, not by anything Poweramp has done, so unfortunately it is not something we can directly resolve for you.

Any app or other purchases that you made from the Google Play Store can only be restored to devices that use the same Google account. It's rather like buying a film from Netflix and then expecting to be able to watch it on an Amazon Video device which has no access to your Netflix account, it won't work. However I believe it is possible to sideload Google services and the Play Store, even onto Huawei devices, and a search on the internet should provide some pointers in that direction if you want to try.

Otherwise, your two options are (1) buy the app from the Huawei App Gallery - which will then only work on devices that support their App Gallery of course, or (2) buy an open licence directly from the website here. Such website purchased licences will work on any Android devices (Google or Huawei based) but the licence is only for use on a single device at any given time - so if you later want to use it on a new device, it will work fine but will revoke the licence that was being used on an old device.


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