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Support for custom tags (like BPM) would be game changer!


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Hi Max,

I'm using your app from a couple of years now and, let me say it, I think it's a wonderful piece of coding. I would love to have a custom tag support to sort and organize my music, for example it will be really usefull  to sort music from the custom tag "BPM" to create a sense of increasing tempo (or decreasing, who knows the uses). Personally, being a DJ, I rip my vinyls and play them on my smartphone when I'm not home to make a selection of records and this feature would let me choose (for example) only records between 124 and 135 BPM. Unfortunately Poweramp doesn't permit do do such thing and, as I can see, no other player on Android fits this necessity. I think it would be a game changer!

Thank you for your time, happy holidays!

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