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It doesn't work for my most MusicPlayer.


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SYSTEM INFORMATION:Android 12, MIUI 12.5 developer Version.

Dear Developer,

It just can recognize one of my Music Player,which is just Apple Music.It doesn't work for NeteaseCloudMusic,Spotify,JiaoYanMusic(com.salt.music) on my phone.

I tried to open "Dump Permission",but it seems dosen‘t suitable for Adnroid 12.

Please Help me!It maybe a bug or just occured on my phone.

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Without the permission.DUMP enabled (which is a one-off task that requires an external computer or other device to be connected via USB cable) the PA-EQ can only work on apps that explicitly allow their output to be modified by other apps. You need to either apply that Android permission to override this, or contact the developers of the other app in question and ask them to support external equalizers (it's trivial for them to do, only one or two lines of code).


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