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Shuffle doesn't work

Sergey Shondrov

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26 minutes ago, Sergey Shondrov said:

I have,

I assume the above is in answer to my question about whether you have anything in the Queue? If do you have any songs enqueued, they will all be played out one-by-one before PA returns to normal playback. Please clear the Queue (using Library Categories > Queue > (three-dots menu) > Clear Queue) and see if shuffle then works in regular playback. If you don't the Next or Previous buttons will simply move you through the Queue.

You can instruct the Queue to allow its own contents to be shuffled by the way, by turning off Settings > Library > Queue > Ignore Shuffle. All enqueued tracks will still be played before regular playback resumes though.

If you don't have anything at all in the Queue, and the Shuffle icon on the player screen is still not behaving as you expect, please provide step-by-step details of what you are experiencing as I've just tested all five Shuffle modes at they are all working perfectly (PA build 916, Android 11 - but I've used it daily on every previous build). 


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Even with 'Play Next: Start Queue' enabled, shuffle still works fine for me when not playing from the Queue. All that option should do is slightly change the sequence of the 'Play Next' icon (which adds the selected track(s) to the start of the temporary queue rather than the end) so the Queue only commences playing after the current regular playback song has finished (i.e. it overrides that 'Immediately' option at the top of that menu for whenever you next use the 'Play Next' feature)

If there is a bug occurring somewhere with one of the settings it would still be good to track it down. Could you re-enable that feature and then go through step-by-step (i.e. listing every tap) as to how you start playback and what happens then. Thanks.


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