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Has anyone succeeded in playing music to bluetooth headphones using a Samsung A52s 5G phone?

John Thornton

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Has anyone succeeded in playing music with Poweramp to bluetooth headphones using a Samsung A52s 5G phone?

Poweramp is only playing through my Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G's speaker when in bluetooth mode and there is no sound through the bluetooth headphones, although the audio path shows the Output Device as my Bluetooth headphones and my headphones acknowledge a connection to the A52s 5G.

Even switching between the phone and bluetooth headphones using the phones Audio Output which shows the Headphones as the Audio Output makes no difference.

I have tried all combinations of OpenSL ES Output, AudioTrack Output, Hi-Res Output and AAudio Output and nothing appears to work.

I can play the same music to the bluetooth headphones using Player Pro and other aps.

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I have no problems on a similar phone, A70 with Android 11, as soon as a BT device with A2DP support connects, speaker audio output is immediately diverted to it.

What do you see in PA Settings > Headset/Bluetooth > Last Processed Commands when you connect your BT device? Samsung ROMs have a 'SmartThings' notification which appears when a BT device connects, what does that indicate? Have you tried unpairing and re-pairing the headset?


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Thanks for your prompt reply andrewilley.

SmartThings' notification shows Audeeo Javelin (Bluetooth Headphones).

Audio Info shows Output Device – Audeeo Javelin (Bluetooth Headphones) – SBC 16 bit 44.1 kHz, but with sound only from the phones speakers.

Have disconnected and reconnected spent an hour changing variations in setting in Poweramp but still no music through bluetooth.

Other bluetooth in ear buds also will not work with Poweramp, although I have no issue using the same bluetooth headphones earbuds with other Bluetooth able apps.

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