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In-between selection

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Musicolet has this nifty tracks selection option, where you select 2 tracks and then select all tracks in-between. Can we have this in Poweramp? Use case. Ex. I need to play all tracks with play counts = 5 and above. Best way to achieve this would be by smart playlists, but PA doesn't have them. That in-between is an acceptable workaround in that instance as I'd select the 1st most played track, scroll down and select the last track with play count = 5 then select all tracks in-between. 


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There has been a feature request around for quite a while to allow this sort of block selection in lists. I think the suggestion which the last thread settled on would be to use long-press while in item-selection mode, which would select all of the items between the previously-tapped item and the current one. Basically the same functionality as shift-click in Windows.

As a side-note, that thread also suggested that in lists where items are draggable (Playlists, Queue, Bookmarks) multiple-selections should be draggable as a block - so you could for example select ten songs throughout a playlist and then drag them to the top of the list.

The Invert option in your screenshot might be a nice idea too, and there's already space for it in the existing selection line (next to the 'All' toggle button).


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