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[Suggestion] Provide an explanation on DSP Sample Rate being used

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Currently in the Equalizer's Audio Info section, a user can see the Sample Rate being used but no information on why and whether or not it's possible to change this.

Not having this explained can create a bit of confusion while playing back 24bit/96kHz files to 32bit/96kHz LDAC Bluetooth headphones where the DSP will only be 48kHz and re-sample the file internally. Which after a lot of research I figured out in another thread here, while using Poweramp itself.

I was thinking, to save people like me from spending hours to figure out the reason why, maybe it would be possible to attach this information somewhere in Settings? In a same way as DVC/Bluetooth Absolute Volume support is currently being handled, just with a link to disabling A2DP hardware offload in Developer Settings, and a note that if you're trying to play back Hi-res audio over BT and are stuck with lower sample rate, to try toggling this setting, but that it might introduce occasional crackling/stuttering, especially when unlocking the phone etc.

P.S. Also, is bit depth (24bit/32bit) for DSP missing on purpose? Or is it just irrelevant?

All the best!

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